adonis mens spa

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adonis mens spa

Postby alec0458 » Sun Aug 22, 2010 4:15 pm

finally worked up the nerve to visit adonis. i work up north and only come home for 7 days every 28 and on my last nite in town went to adonis. incredible a deluxe room for 23 bucks and all the cock you can find. beautiful people, beautiful cocks. don't know the protocol around there so i just went to my room and opened up the glory hole and there appeared a beautiful shaved cock and balls. my first time it was so hot. never even touched a cock before and there i was sucking and deep throating this beautiful cock. putting his balls in my mouth and just licking and sucking then grabbing his cock out of his hand and ramming it down my throat til i gagged. then there was some noise outside my room and he pulled out before i could make him cum. urgggghhhhhh !!!!!! i want to taste cum and get cum all over me, oh well next time im in town. luv mature men and there was no shortage of them. great place, great experience. can't wait for my next, let me know what the protocol is for approaching people there. next time i go i will be better prepared. oh, can they turn down or turn off the music to your room, i want to hear the sounds of fucking and sucking.
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