Browser wars

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Browser wars

Postby Merlin » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:23 pm

Finally I think Microsoft has got some things right with IE8.

This forum and website looks fine if you are using Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or IE8 but if you haven’t upgrade yet and still using IE7 and God forbid if you are using IE6, you might find some glitches.

I am tired of trying and lazy of fixing Internet Explorer’s on how it renders HTML pages.

WC3 you would think they would come up a freaking fix for EMBED.
Videos on this forum are not WC3 compliant and I haven’t come up with a fix as of yet.

If you are using Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or if you must IE8 all display the forum and site with no problems that I know of.
Google Chrome and Safari are a lot faster IE8 and Firefox are slow pokes compared to the other two.

Let me know of you care. :lol:
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