Women's only outdoor activities

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Women's only outdoor activities

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Experience Manitoba is a women only outdoor adventure group. We carpool to our varied adventures and try out almost anything outdoors! Include things like: hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, sweat lodges, working farm days, camping, snowshoeing, skiing, Nordic walking, sleeping in an igloo, etc..
Our mission is to:
• Provide the opportunity for women 18 years and older to explore outdoor activities and try new experiences in Manitoba, in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment.
• Provide our members the opportunity to grow mentally, physically, intellectually, and socially, while participating in group events.
• Create an atmosphere where women can connect with themselves, other women, and our environment.


We value, regardless of age and ability:
• Individuality
• Unique group dynamic
• Social, cultural, racial, religious, spiritual, economic, sexual, and gender diversity
• Our natural environment and the protection of it
• The physical and emotional safety of our members


Our goals:
1. Host a specified number of events every month that are as inclusive as possible for our members.
2. The leadership team will continue to adapt and modify their leadership and the running of the group based on the evaluations and feedback provided by the members.
3. Through the union of the events we plan and the atmosphere we foster, we empower our members to do things they’ve never done before, expand their comfort zones, and improve the quality of their lives.
4. Have fun!

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