Kevin Engstrom wrote "Gay Peeps"

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Kevin Engstrom wrote "Gay Peeps"

Postby Merlin » Mon May 10, 2010 2:54 pm

This was received to our mail box from Leah

Kevin Engstrom from the Sun should cut down on pejorative slurs towards homosexuals. His reference to "gay peeps" and inference that they're rights are irrelevant is offensive. He should learn how to criticize a political idea without dragging minority groups down. What exactly does the gay rights movement have to do with this??? Is there a riot in his brain? If you take offence, e-mail him at

Feel free to forward this on. Article portion below: Dr. Irrelevant By KEVIN ENGSTROM, Winnipeg Sun If Fluffy’s Law is the best Jon Gerrard has to offer Manitobans, then it might be time to take his Liberal Party behind the barn and put it out of its misery. No offence to Gerrard, who is an affable enough fellow, but his cheerleading of a proposed law that would put the rights of pet owners on par with minority groups perfectly encapsulates why few Manitobans take the guy — or his party — seriously anymore. The Liberal Leader spent his Saturday morning pandering to animal lovers, pushing for an anti-discrimination law that would put pet owners roughly on par with visible minorities and gay peeps — at least when it comes to renting apartments....

Read the full story at
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